Team Red Omnibus, #1-3 by T Hammond

Autographed by T Hammond!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

What would you do for the one you love? Could you walk away?

Teresa March, blinded in an accident, discovers she shares a telepathic link with her German shepherd, Red. His thoughts, presented in droll, unfiltered commentary, brighten her days and open up a surprising career opportunity. As Team Red, they work with the police to uncover forensic clues in investigations.

And what’s a romance without a love triangle? Two ex-military men, Bastian, and his partner David, have moved to Spokane. Specializing in security systems and topographical mapping, their company, PreClan, is working on a sensitive project for the military, which puts Teresa’s safety in jeopardy. Despite looming deadlines, neither man is too busy to compete for her affections, resorting to a game of one-up-manship and guerrilla tactics to win her heart.

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761 Pages - Humorous Paranormal Romance

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