Taken By You, #2 by Carlie Sexton

Autographed by Carlie!

Kate Simmons—young, alluring, and finally over the grief of losing her first love—is ready to move on… Elated with her newfound independence from living under her mother’s thumb, Kate is on a thrilling path to explore life. Soon she discovers her future is full of surprises—and not all of them are pleasant. But after moving in with her boyfriend, Neil Statton, happiness is within her grasp. His attentive love, seductive overtures, and generosity seem to know no bounds. She feels safe…until everything changes. Kate must learn to navigate life’s most difficult challenges, or fall victim to her own self-destructive choices… After visiting his son in Germany, Kate’s stalker, Roger Wilkins, returns home to find her apartment empty. Kate is missing, and Roger’s predator mind becomes unhinged— and then unleashed—plunging him into the hunt of a lifetime. In his delusion, Kate is a woman confused and eager for his love. A woman destined to be in his life forever, no matter the cost. As Kate’s future closes in on her, she is forced to face the inevitable… While Kate works through challenges of a fresh relationship with Neil, she discovers a secret he’s been keeping from her, making her question his true intentions. Will his explanation suffice? Or will Kate deem it unforgivable? Only one thing is certain—every path offers a choice, every choice has its consequence, and every consequence summons its due. Some of those dues just happened to be streaked in blood…

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256 Pages - Romantic Suspense 

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