Sweet Lies Bitter Truths, #1 by Lily Perozo

Autographed by Lily!

Samuel Garnett, the director of an important law firm and a successful attorney of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, has Brazilian roots and a great love for Capoeira. He lives life to its fullest without limits. He is an experienced, adventurous, passionate and intense young man.
He loathes commitments, yet he will be trapped inside a whirlwind of emotions as soon as he accidentally meets the young and enigmatic American fashion designer Rachell Winstead. His life begins to take a swirl as soon as he meets her, and it is through her that he will encounter the man he hates most in the world and for whom he is willing to learn more of the dark side of criminality.
Rachell is an intelligent, self-assured woman with an extraordinary beauty which she puts to good use by manipulating the men in her life – she obtains from them benefits as well as maintain her heart-held dream of becoming an internationally famous designer. She also has her demons. She does not trust the masculine gender and in her plans for life there is no room for love. For her, love is only a feeling that makes a slave of any woman, converting her into the perfect blank of vulnerability.
Samuel and Rachell will inevitably be entrapped in a spiral of events that will affect their sense of pride, hate and seduction. You will most definitely live together with them a passionate story full of intrigues and eroticism.

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