Sunlight Girl by KL Cottrell

Autographed by KL Cottrell!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Spencer Frost is one broken and angry eighteen-year-old. He’s found himself on the ground after life delivered a sudden, unavoidable punch to his face, and he hasn’t been able to get back up. He doesn’t like that one damn bit, but what he likes even less are other people’s attempts to reach him. He doesn’t want their attention and he doesn’t need their help—or even deserve it. At least, that’s what he thinks before he meets Emerson King. She’s gentle where he’s abrasive. Calm where he’s tempestuous. Bright where he’s dark. And he’ll find she needs him just as much as he needs her because, although no one has taken the time to notice, life has been cruel to her, too. In this true-to-life and hope-inspiring new adult romance, Spencer and Emerson will learn that love is at its greatest when it finds you at your worst.

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605 Pages - New Adult Romance

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