Stomping: Anthology by Multiple Authors(Mass Market)

Autographed by Julie!

When three separate heroines place orders at the same online shoe receive shoes that not only look fabulous, but also give them superpowers that help them find true love and take charge of their lives.

Sometimes it's all about the shoes.

Whether facing the forces of evil or simply battling a bad hair day, fantastic footwear is key.

Yes, there are the right shoes for the right situations, and not every moment calls for Manolos. Sometimes a woman's gotta be fierce as well as feminine, fiery as well as fragile. And when the legwork required is a roundhouse, when a girl's mantra has to become "I am woman, hear me roar," those are the times it's good to know there's magic in the world...because in super-powered pumps, the shrinking-est Violet or the nervous-est Nellie can do anything. Every step in magic shoes is sure to be a big one. After a single trip to, our heroines are safe. Their hearts are not.

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309 Pages - Paranormal Romance

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