State of Grace, #2 by Delia Foster

Autographed by Delia!

Grace Sinclair likes baggy, comfortable clothes. She’s got one too many curves that she plans to never put on display. When she’s forced into a revealing bridesmaid’s dress for her brother’s wedding, she’s certain of one thing: the guests are bound to get an X-rated show during the wedding.

What she didn’t count on was attracting the attention from him...

Sean Holden has lost count of the number of times he’s been on the receiving end of her feisty tongue. He’s been engaged in battle with his best friend’s little sister for as long as he could remember. As best man, he’s dreading the inevitable encounter. His only options are fight or flight.

But then…

A curvy redhead with sparkling eyes enters his vision and he starts to wonder if he can add sugar to her spice.

And he suddenly finds himself wanting to stay…in a state of grace.

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201 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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