Starwalker, #1 by P Jameson

Autographed by P Jameson!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

In a heaven not so very far away, exists a star that doesn’t burn. Cold and icy, Brilliette and her inhabitants exist in secret, hidden under the blazing fires of other celestials. But stars aren’t meant to keep secrets… Cannalise is the daughter of the Fallen King. Orphaned as a childmaiden, she’s survived the hard way. By being the cruelest of all the females of the star. She lives by one rule: show nothing, feel nothing. When she discovers the Fates have given her a mate, she struggles to hold on to the rule that has kept her heart safe. But it’s hard to ignore the fierce warrior that has set his sights on her. Breckken has watched his mate for a thousand years, unable to reveal himself to her. The Fates have played an ugly trick on him, giving him a female who has no room for love in her heart. But as a warrior of the Nova Guard, he has never backed down from a challenge and plans to strip Cannalise’s soul bare if that’s what it takes to win her. When vicious threats are leveled on the citizens of Brilliette, Cannalise and Breckken must work together to keep their people safe. But as for their hearts… there’s no guarantee.

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302 Pages - Romantic Fantasy

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