Spectrum by Sheila Sullivan - Scratch & Dent

Book is autographed, in readable condition and has minimal damage.

Come and join Frances as her story unfolds into a world she never imagined. 

Frances tests the strengths of her friendships, the lengths she is willing to go to find happiness, and the courage to stand her ground...even against the people she loves the most.

With her new found voice and a desire to live without edits, Frances quits her high powered job to follow her passion to paint. What she did not gamble upon was becoming the desired obsession of Ethan, a fellow artist.  Frances's world spins out of control as she ignores his advances to explore her own growing hidden desires.

Will Frances have the strength to follow her heart? Will the strict Catholic Upbringing and family rooted in the culture of St. Louis pull her back to their ideals?

With Book 1 of the F.O.K. Series, you will find a contemporary, urban drama that will pull you into a world of warmth, suspense, and humor. 

This story pulls you into a world that is seductive, emotional, and rewarding.

Grab an Irish coffee and dive into this book!

Frances and her close friends survive their lives through regular meetings of their Buena Vista Irish Coffee Club. The streets of San Francisco are brought to life through their adventures. This contemporary story of friendships navigating through our messy contemporary world will keep you reading.

Humor with an EDGE.

All is not rosy in the world of Frances. If you want some suspense with your laughter this is the story.

Become the newest member of the Buena Vista Irish Coffee Club!

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