Spectrum, #1 by Shelia Sullivan

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Frances experiences three major life changes that led her to new-found freedoms allowing her to explore the Spectrum that makes up life. Frances did all society expected her to do: Married a handsome, sexy man, secured a high-powered corporate job, and honored her Irish Catholic parents. However, the only unconditional love she found in her marriage was with their amazing dog. When the dog died, the last threads that tenuously held the marriage together snapped. Happily, Single Divorce is the first domino to catapult Frances to unexpected adventures in exploring the Spectrum of life. She begins to explore her desires and sexuality by reading LGBT contemporary fiction exploring women kissing women. Significant Career Change She took a page from the Way of the Peaceful Warrior and followed her passion from high-powered corporate consulting to art. Her return to art gave her courage to find happiness in other parts of her life. Honoring her Irish Catholic family values In her contemporary urban life, the pull of her desire to continue to please her parents continued the family saga. Her changes in life would expose the lies holding together her Irish Catholic family of secrets. With her friends and new found contemporary novels coming to life, Frances discovers her hidden voice and explores the Spectrum of life with humor, courage, and adventure. All is not easy in this contemporary urban life saga as Frances misses the cues from a close friend that could ultimately end her life.

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395 pages - LGBTQ / Coming of Age

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