South Austin Vampire, #2 by Russ Hall - Hardback

Autographed by Russ!

Blood-drained bodies with two holes in their necks begin to show up on Austin’s night streets and the police seek to keep the murders quiet, because don’t you just know what the media is going to scream.
When Devil’s Due nightclub owner Owen Peasey hires Travis to see what’s bothering singer/songwriter Lola Pilloccherosi neither expect her to turn up as one of the victims within the week.
A trail that goes winding through the “live music capital of America” leads from fortune teller to tension between groups of illegal aliens to hints of a satanic cult . . . until before it’s over Trav is warned he may well be headed toward a confrontation with the Prince of Darkness himself.

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248 Pages - Not Romance / Paranormal Mystery

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