Somewhere In Between by Shirl Rickman

Autographed by Shirl!

The art of romance is dead… Tessa Collins loves people. She loves her job, loves her family—and on most days, loves her crazy best friend, Chad. Determined and independent, Tessa believes in love; she just doesn’t believe romantic love really exists anymore. Real love is for fools. Jaded and closed off: That’s what they say about Lenox Malone... He believed in love once; loved his girl, loved writing—Lenox loved romance when the whole world believed it was dead. But then he was scarred by it, and alone. Finally moving past the pain love ignited inside him, he never wants to risk being jaded again. A journal and a chance encounter… When the handwritten words of a lovesick stranger find their way into her hands, Tessa’s heart begins to… open. To flutter. To grow. To invite inside her weary heart the possibility that perhaps romance and true love really do exist. But can it exist for her? Can a chance connection and fate’s design unlock one of the greatest love stories of all? Their own.

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244 Pages - New Adult Romance / Romantic Comedy

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