Something Just Like This, #4 by Lisa Shelby

Autographed by Lisa!

Something Just Like This, Cami, is everything I never knew I needed. Fierce and loyal. Sweet and sassy. All wrapped up in a sexy little package. She’s also a friend...and off-limits. If only I could tell her how I feel. That she brings me to my knees with just a look. Every minute of every day, my desire for her grows. I wish I could be the one to conquer the fiery redhead with a stubborn streak. Still battling the demons of my past, I’ll never be enough for a woman like her, but damn if I don’t want to try. When Cami decides to chase away the pain that haunts me, I can no longer ignore my need for her. This woman is saving me from myself and shaking me free from my self-loathing...bringing me back to life. I don’t know what this is, but it’s something. Could we be more? More than friends?

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284 Pages


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