Some Call it Devotion, #4 by Sarah Peis

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What would you do if you found out you're married, but can't remember your


Tracking down my husband was easy, getting him to sign the divorce papers wasn't.

Because Landon West has an agenda: He agrees to sign the papers if I live with him for twenty-one days. If I still want to get a divorce at the end, he'll give it to me. I agree to the deal. And realize my mistake as soon as I move in.

Landon is everything I'm not. Fun, easy-going, loved. He might be my opposite in every way, but he is also the only one who sees the real me. The only one I can truly be myself with. The only one I want to be around every second of every day.

What happens if I don't want our marriage to end once the twenty-one days are up?

Because that's not an option. I'm engaged to another man and supposed to marry him in less than three weeks.

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296 Pages - Romantic Comedy


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