Snow & Mistletoe, #1 by Rie Anders

Autographed by Rie!

Cat Darling has worked hard to make a name for herself, and build a brand, as the best graphic designer, for Seattle sporting brands, until she is abruptly released from her position a few days before Christmas. Taking solace in the fact that she has a ski trip planned with her boyfriend of two years, she comes home to find that not only did he leave without her, he has broken up with her. A night on the town triggers a series of events that lead to Cat spending the holidays at a friends cabin on Lopez Island. Unfortunately the cabin is already occupied by the dark and devilishly handsome Kirin Anderson. Kirin has his own reasons for spending Christmas alone and Cat has put a major wrinkle in his plans for solitude. As Kirin tries to navigate his instant attraction to Cat, he must balance her request to be alone, and his need to keep a secret. His care for Cat, and encouragement of her new life direction, pulls Cat in, and she finds her heart at a much greater risk of breaking.

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204 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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