Slow Bleed, #1 (Hardback) by Trey R Barker

Autographed by Trey!

On Jace Salome's first night as a correctional officer, she should be at her partner's side when an inmate attacks. It is a fatal mistake. Yet Jace soon discovers the inmate's death was more than a simple jailhouse fight.

For Jace, the world of law enforcement offers a chance to leave her broken past behind. But the
death opens a chasm that leaves her balanced precariously between two shades of law enforcement: good cops and bad ones. Along with a fellow correctional officer and a straight-arrow Texas Ranger, Jace begins to wonder why inmates are dying throughout west Texas. Before long, it becomes clear that simply asking those questions forces them to confront the breadth and depth of their own thin blue line.

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354 Pages

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