Show Me Something, #5 by Aubrey Bondurant

Autographed by Aubrey!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

The first step in embracing the future is stepping out of the past.

As first impressions go, the one I made with Mark Hines was disastrous. I thought the handsome, dark-haired man at the party was the therapist she told me about. Turns out I unloaded all the drama about my ex-husband on a random stranger.


Thankfully, Mark had a good sense of humor about me spilling my secrets in a drunken barrage. He’s a calming influence in my life while I provide much-needed laughter to bring him out of his shell.

Just when I think we’re permanently friend zoned, he flips the script. But despite how good we are together, he’s holding back.

Will demons of the past derail our chance at love? Or will our damaged hearts fight for a chance at a future.

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306 Pages - Romantic Comedy


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