Self Destruct, #1 by KD Carillo

Autographed by KD Carillo!

At twenty-years-old, Becca Scott thought she finally had her life under control… With the help of the people around her, she was able to deal with her traumatic childhood and let go of the pain that haunted her every day. But one unexpected encounter at a lake house would stir up every dark emotion she worked so hard to forget. There wasn’t anyone Aiden Ryan hated more than himself… Plagued with a life filled with manipulation and regret, he will try anything to ignore the guilt that eats him alive, even if it means more pain for him in the long run. It’s not until he meets Becca that things start to change. There’s only one problem—he’s stuck in a relationship he can’t get out of with a woman he doesn’t care about. Love is complicated, but when two people have demons they refuse to face, love could destroy them. Together, Becca and Aiden try and let go of their painful pasts to be together. But will their pasts let go of them?

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414 Pages - New Adult Romantic Suspense

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