Seeing Julia by Katherine Owen

Autographed by Kathleen!
Tragedy. Heartbreak. A decade of loss defines her, but an illicit connection to a stranger saves her, yet leaves her questioning her past, her life, and herself, most of all.
She's at the precipice of her life, looking over the edge and seeing nothing. 
He saves her from herself.
The connection between them stirs something deep inside of her that she thought she had lost long ago. Now, she questions her ability to start over without looking back and wonders if she can move on if it means letting go of her past--a past that seemingly still defines her.
And, if she can't even see herself, how will others ever see her? She many questions and holds on to so many secrets, but soon she must confront the truth about her life, about herself, in order to be set free. 

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328 Pages - Contemporary New Adult Romance

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