Screams in the Dark by Kahla Kiker

Autographed by Kahla!

Horror, death and regret filled Claire’s life from the time she was sixteen, when her family was brutally murdered in front of her, and all she wants is a normal life. Unfortunately, it has taken nearly five years of therapy to slowly rebuild her life and her sanity as she struggled to overcome the nightmares that left her screaming in the dark. Now, when she feels some of that normalcy returning, it is disturbed by a package filled with death threats that send her careening into the dark once again. The nightmares are back and Claire is left wondering if she was suffering an episode from her PTSD or if she is being stalked by something more malicious than her own memories. Unsure of where to turn, Claire is thrown into a battle with a sadistic predator as her past threatens to overwhelm her. Unsure of whom to trust, Claire’s very survival depends on discovering who wants to see her dead before he accomplishes his task.

WARNING: This book may contain various triggers for some people. Some scenes in the book can be considered extremely detailed and graphic. If, during the course of reading this book you feel that it is best not to proceed, please stop!

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246 Pages

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