Say Love, #2 by CL Stacey

Autographed CL Stacey!

Ariana Andrews is innocent and pure, for the most part. She’s all about the rules. Rules are good. Rules prevent you from behaving recklessly. Keep you from making irreversible mistakes. Like sleeping with someone you shouldn’t. Caleb Carlisle is sinful and immoral, for the most part. Notorious playboy, charmer, manwhore. But with Ariana, he’s fiercely protective and compassionate. With her, he’d never go there, or at least he never thought he would. There are just some lines you don’t cross. Sleeping with your best friend’s sister is wrong. The answer to his problem is simple. Forget about her. There are plenty more out there. Easy, until Caleb realizes that Ariana is exactly what he needs. She isn’t the problem. She’s the answer.

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374 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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