Saving Summer, #1 by Tiffani Lynn

Autographed by Tiffani!

Rising Hollywood star Summer Arden never in her wildest dreams imagined at forty she would be trading in her apron and coffee pot for movie scripts and makeup chairs. But just when she starts enjoying the perks of her new life, fate shakes things up again and her world is submerged in turmoil. Summer finds herself in need of a real-life leading man, one who can protect her. Save her.

Private sector warrior Mike Wade's job for the Security Six team is all he knows. Protect and serve has been his lifelong motto. When his childhood friend finds herself in a world of trouble, he enlists his team to protect the one woman who's always had a place in his heart. Blurring the lines between duty and desire is playing with fire. As danger rises, Mike realizes he'll do anything to save Summer--even if it costs him everything.

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132 pages

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