Safer In Your Arms, #3 by A Hart

Autographed by A Hart!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

Sarah and Travis. They had been secretly on and off again for years. A sudden tragedy causes Sarah to leave. When she returns home, she has a problem: Travis. Between work and their mutual friends, he is everywhere. She tries to resist every urge to go running into his arms, but he seems different and she's intrigued. Travis Farmer, a rookie police officer, was an idiot. He let the woman he loved leave. His biggest problem was that he had no idea why she left. Not really. When Sarah returns, Travis knows he has to win her back. However, she seems oddly immune to his usual charm. It'll take all he's got to prove he has changed. With an interruption by Sarah's past and Travis's present, happily ever after is looking bleak. In the midst of danger, Sarah seeks what she always found in Travis's arms--safety. Will Travis finally allow himself to feel the peace he always felt with Sarah? Safer in Your Arms is a beautiful story about the power love has to change someone, heal someone and overcome evil.

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312 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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