Sacrifice, #3 by Cathlin Shahriary

Autographed by the Cathlin!

After her parents’ death, Ayanna is struggling to adjust to life in a small town with her aunt when a beautiful boy in the woods changes everything. Tall, with hypnotizing violet eyes, Corydon isn't just any boy, he's exactly the type her aunt had warned her to avoid at all costs—a Fae. Even knowing he isn’t human, she can’t seem to resist him. He's unlike anyone she's met before and being with him makes her feel alive again.

As their friendship blossoms into something more, his obligations in Fae—ones he won’t disclose—keep stealing him away. When a cruel twist of fate lands her at his feet in the one place he never wanted her to be, she learns the truth about his world.

Becoming involved with a Fae always has its price, and Ayanna must figure out just how much she’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of love.

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316 Pages - YA Paranormal Fantasy

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