Rough Edges by Sarah J Marron

Autographed by Sarah!

Have you ever felt lost?

Tugging on your heartstrings with nostalgia, Rough Edges takes readers back to the days of AOL Instant Messenger, MySpace, and the sometimes messy separation between our online personas and the real world.

Months away from high school graduation, Casey desperately craves a place to fit in, a person to see her, and a way out of her small New Jersey town. When she finds this escape in a person behind a glowing computer screen, one who fills her void with constant attention, charm, and what she believes to be true love, Casey struggles with the choice of coming back to reality.

. . . That is until she transitions to college in Philadelphia and meets someone else. Someone in the real world. Someone who slowly begins to put those same lost pieces of her back into place. Casey continually attempts to force the two halves of herself into separate boxes, but what happens when both worlds unexpectedly collide? She’ll have to make a choice, if there’s even one left for her to make.

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376 Pages - YA Loner & Outcast Fiction

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