Rope of Lies by Kathy Noumi - Unsigned

Book is unsigned and in excellent condition.

We were never supposed to be together.
Rivals. Enemies. A disaster waiting to happen.
Call it whatever you want.

But I couldn't resist him.
The sound of his voice sent shivers down my spine.
And the slightest touch drove me to the edge of insanity.
His entire being lit a fire inside me.
Jameson was the most sinful addiction.

The only problem?
Our dirty secret could ruin everything I worked for.

She forfeited. Walked away.
Left me the victor without the spoils. Without her.
Five years ago, I gave her everything and came up empty-handed.

She hates me, but I don't give a shit.
This little tease could loathe me, curse me out, go after my clients, but I'd never let her win.

My only confession?
I don't hate her at all.
I craved her. Needed her back in my bed.
Hell...tied up would be better.

Now ask me which rules I'd break to win this game?
All of them.

NOTE: Ropes of Lies is a standalone novel with a complete ending. Each book in the Dirty Liars series will feature a new couple and bring to light their unique story's. Some characters make cameo appearances in the other novels.

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