Road to Love, #4 by Jules Dixon

Autographed by Jules!

Playboy Oliver Aston never hid who he is from anyone, and he finds it hard to understand when someone does just that. Betrothed at birth to the local town sweetheart, cowboy Holt Jamison spent his life believing that revealing his true self would disappoint his family, but after finding his heart other half, that justification is getting harder and harder to stand by.

After a heated lovers quarrel in the desert, Oliver is sent back to the States alone and wondering if he not one who meant for love. When Holt leaves the military and moves far from his Alabama home to Oliver hometown, is it a second chance the two hearts deserve? Or will a woman from the past come knocking to stake a claim on one of them?

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187 Pages - LGBTQ Romance (M/M)

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