Rise of an Alpha Moon: Complete Series by Jodi Vaughn

Autographed by Jodi!

Pack Master, Barrett Middleton gave his life in exchange to protect his Wolf Pack from a blood debt. He was dead. Supposed to stay dead. But his Guardian and a powerful Fae took it upon themselves to resurrect him. Ryker and Celeste Nordstrom don’t understand what they’ve done.Barrett struggles to walk the line between being alive and being dead. When a beautiful female wolf named Jacey comes around, he’s faced with a choice—give into the desires of his heart and soul…or stay away and protect her from the darkness threatening to swallow Barrett whole. Tensions rise. The Arkansas pack knows Barrett is alive. More importantly, his oldest enemy Boudier knows Barrett is back from the dead and is coming for him. It’s only a matter of time. Both sides prepare to fight a battle to end a war.Only one man will leave the mountain alive.

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374 Pages - Paranormal Romance

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