Return to Sulphur River (Hardback) by Art Anthony

Autographed by Art!

Art Loggings and Darrell Stroud became friends while serving in the Confederate Army.

After returning home to Texas after the war, all they wanted was to be left alone to work their land and raise their families. However, they soon discover they have to survive punishment from the Yankees given to the South because of the Civil War.

With lawlessness permeating Texas, follow these boys, as they become gunmen and fight against the villainous lawyer Lassiter, rustlers, and outlaws to help establish some type of lawful protection for the people in the area. Even the Comanche and Kiowa want to destroy their farms and livestock as well as the farms of surrounding friends. But the Choctaw and ex-slaves become friends with the boys and help them fight for survival.

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256 Pages - Not Romance / Historical

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