Reflecting On Wishes, #2 by DeAnna Felthauser

Autographed by DeAnna!

Six years ago, Dakota was adopted by Noah and Mikayla Cane. Even with a close-nit, loving family, nothing prepared him for falling head-over-heels in love with Angel Vega. When a game of cat and mouse begins between the pair, Dakota is persistent in what he wants. It may take him months to win her over, but he knows she is worth the effort. Deemed the Latina Goddess of the race track, Angel is a Pro-Stock Motorcycle racer that has been burned by love more than once. Letting down her walls and believing in a man again, was the last thing on her mind. Just as Angel finds herself falling for the ruggedly handsome Dakota, tragedy strikes and shatters her racing dreams. Devastated, Angel retreats into a world of doubt, fear and broken dreams. Will Dakota do as she wants and walk away, or will he be the strength she needs and fight for the girl that owns his heart?

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238 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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