Protector, #2 by Shawnee Small

Autographed by Shawnee!

What would you do if the man you loved... wasn't a man at all?

Poesy Wharton now knows the secret that Adam Walker has kept hidden from humanity for millennia, but at what cost?

Already struggling with the knowledge of Adam true nature, Poesy has to come to terms with the actions he took to save her life actions that have left her more, and less, than human. When Adam unexplained absences cause a rift between them, Poesy is no longer sure she can trust him, so she must put her faith in a perfect stranger to uncover the truth before everything she cares about is lost.

But that won't be easy.

Because the killing spree continues across the sleepy little community of Tybee Island, and before it over, Poesy will have to confront her biggest fears: that the man she in love with may be a killer or that a greater menace is coming, one that will change the face of humanity forever.

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280 Pages - Paranormal Psychological Thriller

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