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Protect Me, #1 by Melissa Townsend

Autographed by Melissa!

On the off chance that you're lucky enough to meet one of the few extraordinary people on this Earth, be prepared, so you can take full advantage of the opportunity. Nat was lucky enough to meet one of those people. It was a complete accident that he happened to find her, or so she thought. It didn't take her long to realize that Shiloh was different than most. Not different in the kind of way high school girls say their current bad-boy crush is, Shiloh really was different. He could do things and feel things. Things that only a handful of people were capable of. He was a Protector.Shiloh knew Nat was special from the first time he saw her, but getting involved with someone in his line of work wasn't practical. Besides, he already had his hands full with his younger sister, Macie. But, what's a guy supposed to do when the first girl that's managed to get his attention sleeps on a park bench every night? Even if she wasn't beautiful and innocent, even if he didn't want to look out for her, it was ingrained in his body and mind since birth. He had to protect her.

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246 Pages - New Adult Romance

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