Prince of Wolves, #1 by Quinn Loftis

Autographed by Quinn!

Jaque Pierce was a typical seventeen-year-old Southern girl, enjoying the summer before her senior year of high school in Coldspring, TX. But when a mysterious foreign exchange student from Romania moves in across the street, Jacque and her two best friends, Sally and Jen, soon realize the last two weeks of their summer break are about to get a lot more interesting. From the moment Jacque sets eyes on Fane, she feels and instant connection, a pull like a moth to a flame. Little does she know, the flame to which she is drawn is actually a Canis lupus-a werewolf-and she just happens to be his true mate, the other half of his soul. She also doesn't realize Fane isn't the only wolf in Coldspring. Just as Fane and Jacque are getting to know each other, another Canis lupus reveals himself and tries to claim Jacque as his own. Fane will now have to fight a crazed Alpha for the right to complete the mating bond, something that is his right by birth. Far from home, in a foreign wolf's territory, Fane will have to rely on the love he has for Jacque to give him the strength to defeat his enemy, a deadly wolf hell-bent on proving Jacque belongs to him.

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308 Pages

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