Positive Negativity, #1 by DD Lorenzo

Autographed by DD Lorenzo!

Opposites attract. When millionaire supermodel Declan Sinclair takes refuge at his home in the seaside town of Ocean City, his mind is on the future. He's at the top of his game, but he knows it's just a matter of time before the fickle industry moves on to someone else. He needs a plan for the future to diversify his money and talent. At least at the beach, he can think. No paparazzi, and certainly no distractions. Until her. Every day Aria Cole walks beside the ocean to soothe the pain caused by the loss of her father. She's blanketing herself in memories by staying in the same house where she vacationed as a child. Coming to grips with the pain and grief she struggles with suffocating numbness. Work ... friends ... nothing seems to matter. Until him.

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240 Pages - New Adult Romance

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