Please Return To: Toby Solano by Frank Morelli

Autographed by Frank!

Toby Solano never asked to leave El Paso. He never wanted to be the new kid in Mapleton, or sit in a classroom full of strangers, or endure the snooze-worthy ramblings of his new English teacher, Mr. Norbert M. Finkelstein. But that's what he got--a life sentence in Boringville, USA--and it all happened on the same day his dad lost his wrestling career, his mom lost her teaching job, and he got expelled from school.

If he hadn't found his new teacher's top-secret journal lying in the streets of Mapleton on his first day in town, Toby would have nothing to do at all. But now that he's armed with a full-blown knowledge of Mr. Finkelstein's hidden life as a professional wrestler and the inner thoughts of good-for-nothing, new classmates like Jimmy Baker and Maya Providence, he might as well make good use of the intel.

As Toby scribbles his thoughts on the pages of Norbie's original journal, he must decide whether he'll fall back on his old ways and bully his new classmates into submission, or if he'll help Sensei Clement shape the Mort-tician into a Lucha Libre wrestling legend so he can regain his crown as king of the MWF. You'll find it all and more on the super-private and slightly-wrinkled pages of Please Return To: Toby Solano.

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330 Pages - Children's Book / Years 8+

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