Pieces of Me, #1 by Kira Adams

Autographed by Kira!

Reader Warning: This book is a young-adult novel that contains such elements as harsh language, sexual content, a love triangle, suicide, stalking, bullying, alcohol consumption, and attempted rape. You have been warned.
For sixteen year old Peyton Lane, life has never been easy. She's not popular, overweight, and oh yeah, her sister is embarrassed of her. But over the course of a tumultuous year, everything changes for Peyton. Suddenly all eyes are on her and it's not because she's fat. From a pair of handsome twins to a couple of dangerously sexy rockers, Peyton will have to find out who she can trust with her heart. From the ups and downs to the twists and turns--this is Peyton's story of finding one's voice and growing into your own.

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324 Pages


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