Phoenix, #1 by Jessica Wayne

Autographed by Jessica!

Captured for what she could become, Anastasia has spent her entire life at the mercy of her enemy. Unfortunately for her, she didn't realize it until it was far too late to run. When he comes for her, Anastasia finds herself ripped from all she’s ever known, and tossed into a parallel world where monsters roam and darkness reigns. The biggest issue? They are counting on her to stop it. A legacy, a warrior. It’s been foretold that she is the only one who can wield the power necessary to put an end to the reign of terror. But how does one learn to manage their power, when she didn't realize she had it to begin with? Embark on an epic adventure with Phoenix, the first in Jessica Wayne’s completed trilogy! Journey to parallel worlds, battle an evil sorcerer, and witness just how far someone is willing to go to save those they hold dear.

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454 Pages

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