Perfectly Shattered, #1 by Emily Jane Trent

Autographed by Emily!

A Romance That Will Capture Your Heart!
Bradan's life changes when he meets the one woman he wants in his bed, and in his life.
Bradan Reid moves to Seattle to escape heartbreak. In this steamy new adult romance, he falls for a beautiful aspiring chef but she's not easy to win over. Cami has stolen his heart, but the secret she holds will either destroy their love, or save it. Will she tell Bradan the truth?

Cami knows he is a bad choice but can’t walk away.
Cami Joubert moved to Seattle to leave the pain of her past behind. She finds more trouble than she can handle in Bradan, who seems to be with a different woman every night. She’s trying so hard to “not do stuff that’s bad for her,” but her attraction to Bradan is too strong.

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391 Pages

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