Out of the Darkness, #1 by Danielle Keil

Autographed by Danielle!

He's the All-American boy. She's the quiet, bookworm girl. But things aren't always what they seem. Will their love survive when the summer ends?

Does winning a few state championship football games make someone the ‘king’ of a town? Everyone acted like it did for Brandon McNair.

Except me. I didn't care. I had my own issues to deal with, my own life to sort out.

I didn't even know who Brandon was the day I saw him at the park. Our first meeting didn't go well either when he accidently threw my book into a pond.

The next day I found out he was a supervisor at my lifeguarding job.

Soon after that he asked me out.

I should have turned him down. But I couldn’t.

Brandon helped slay the demons of my past while I tried to help him with his. 

He promised to always protect me. To keep me safe.

I gave him my heart, thinking our relationship was solid.

But then the summer ended.

And everything fell apart.

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432 Pages - YA Mental Health /  Dating & Relationships


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