Out of the Ashes by Lauren Wynn

Autographed by Lauren!

Out of the ashes I rise, fresh, feathered, and new. Scarlet Ashes front man, Austin McCarron, is desperate to remain grounded. The singer, songwriter, producer has a colored history of substance abuse, drawing Austin to crave stability. The road to fame and fortune has been a bumpy one, but stepping away from his life of music isn't an option. After a run-in with Macy stirs a memory from his past, he's intrigued to get acquainted with the down-to-earth, blonde beauty. Macy is content living a seemingly ordinary life. While flattered that The Musician is pursuing her, she allows herself only brief moments dreaming up scenarios where they are together. Though she realizes they are just that, dreams. Because what famous musician would fall for an average girl like her? And even if he is falling for her, it’s unlikely he’ll stay. With Austin's persistence, Macy peels away layers of the ordinary uncovering confidence, self-worth, strength, and learning along the way that she may just be extraordinary, even if in the most ordinary way.

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280 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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