Operation Amethyst by Leesa Wright

Autographed by Leesa!

Operation Amethyst takes the reader on an immersive historical journey with chilling twists and turns through war-torn Vietnam at the height of the War. A trail of secrets, in a faraway land could shatter the fiery American Prima Ballerina’s glamorous lifestyle. Captain Elijah Corrington’s mission: To keep the American prima ballerina, Elyse Booker, safe from North Vietnamese Army and the auction block. He quickly learns she’s not going to make this the easiest mission he’s ever faced. A family’s legacy of serving in the Marines Corp. The war-hardened marine, Elijah, is used to having his orders followed without question. She is fiercely independent and, at times, mischievous. Elyse, oblivious to the danger she’s facing is not about to take orders from some arrogant, handsome, stubborn marine. Three tours of duty could not prepare the Captain for the toughest battle of his life. Or for the Promise of Passion and Love.  

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456 Pages - 20th Century Historical Romance

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