Olivia's Hope by Kevin Karella

Autographed by Kevin!

We live in a broken world where bad things happen to good people. When dark periods in our lives can span months or even years. At times such as these, Hope , seems to be just a tiny light in the distance. Join our characters as they search for that light through life darkest moments. Olivia Hope: Alive! Yet Suspended in Time is a story that restores our faith in hope itself and leaves us knowing we can always find our way. Jenny, a young woman from Chicago with a sealed record and a well-hidden past, takes on a special project for a North Dakota oilman. Could this be an easy payday? Trouble starts when the brutal past threatens to ruin the future she is searching for. The key to putting the past behind her, this time for good, reopens another door that was intended to stay closed forever.Seth heart still bleeds for the loss of his wife, Olivia, three years passed. Still focused on the rear view mirror of his life and deeply mired in his misery, he doesn't realize his future may be right in front of him. Could Olivia help? Maybe she left a note But when the past threatens to destroy what he loves, will Seth finally snap out of it and step up for the fight of his life?Seth and Jenny must step up in a big way, even when it is not in their nature. Add a lover tree that never blossoms, some heart wrenching tragedy, action and gunfights. Then we bring on wild horses, buffalo, hiking and flying plus the craziest twists and turns and wonderful symbolism that takes you on a journey like a roller coaster.

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266 Pages

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