Of Blood and Ink by Stephen A Williams

Autographed by Stephen!

Over 15 years in the making, Of Blood and Ink is the complete poetry collection of Steven A Williams. It is the compilation of his previous three 'Kindle only' books, plus nearly 100 pages of brand new content including his epic poem, 'My Travels to the Isle of Carcosa' which is Williams' contribution to the infamous Carcosa/The King in Yellow mythos. Overall, this complete collection is comprised of four different but equally important sections craftily threaded together to tell one common story. A story of man.and of the very human condition which defines us all. It is a journey through the darkness, into the light, and within the enlightenment found beyond. Through poetry and personal essay, this book dives deep into the very human psyche to explore the integral, revelatory, epic story of life itself.

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259 Pages

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