Of Beasts & Blood, #3 by Elena Lawson

Autographed by Elena!

I’m trying to follow the rules—really, I am, but these bastards are getting on my last nerve.
No matter what I say, both the Arcane Authorities and the Arcane Council deny any witch involvement in the kidnapping and slaughter of the shifters and vampires. It’s total bullshit. I know what I saw, and I’ll prove it.

But just when I think I’m onto something—disaster strikes. A student is found dead on Academy grounds. Drained of blood. A gnarly bite mark in her neck.
Naturally, all fingers point to my familiars. Cal and Adrian are easy targets… you know, since they live here now. Except they were with me when it happened. And it couldn’t have been the dangerously sexy vamp who’s been visiting me after dark, either, right? Draven wouldn’t do that. I’m sure of it.
So, then who? Why?

One thing becomes terrifyingly clear after the second body is found—the longer we take to figure it out—the more students will wind up dead.

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324 Pages - Not Romance / SCIFI

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