My Secret Keep, #1 by Josie Charles

Autographed by Josie!

Sidney Sokolov was a fun-loving free spirited young woman. She loved her friends and coworkers, they were her family. She dreamed of a big house, big family and her very own Prince Charming. She was a beautiful and loving woman who was adored by all who met her. But her life wasn't always so perfect. She endured things that would have ruined a person with average inner strength and fortitude. She had struggled but managed to get past all the obstacles put before her. Yes, Sidney wanted it all, but a secret she was keeping that, if found out, would bring it all crashing down around her. A secret so earth shattering, life as she knew it would cease. This was her secret to keep, forever. Can she obtain her dream and keep it alive, or will the secret be found out?

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244 Pages

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