My One Love, #2 by Necie Navone

Autographed by Necie!

There's one man in my life I've measured every other man against. One that made my blood pound and my heart throb with longing. One I've wished I could have for myself since the day I met him almost eight years ago. Grayson Riggs. He's everything I want and everything I'm determined to have. But what if the real him isn't the man I've made him out to be in my dreams? What if he cannot except me as his equal? What then?

No matter how many women I've met in the last eight years, how far I've traveled or how many random hookups I've had, there is one woman who stays with me no matter what I do. One pair of eyes, so beautiful they haunt my dreams, one pair of lips I want to kiss over and over again for the rest of forever. Aless. I've tried to find her. I've traveled to Italy and New York many times hoping I'd be lucky, but I've never seen her again. I miss her. I want her. I'm just wishing on a star she'll find me again.

When Aless, now known as Lexy falls back into Grayson's life, and her past comes back to haunt her, will they be able to overcome their differences to make a relationship work? Or will their Alpha personalities push each other away? Will they be able to celebrate their One Love, or are they destined to be apart forever?

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566 Pages - Romantic Comedy / Romantic Suspense / Second Chance

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