My Hidden Life, #1 by Necie Navone

Autographed by Necie!

…She has to be better than any man around her. She's the Family future.
Alessandra, the Princess of the Canzano crime Family, was introduced to the dangers of her family's world at the young age of six when a rival family left her bleeding and scared on her birthday.
Her uncle now dedicates his life to making sure she is not only protected but that Alessandra will never feel helpless again in their world. All the while, trying to keep her feeling like she is just a normal girl.
Join Alessandra in Part One of ‘My Life' series as she trains to be the heir to the Canzano Family – the Capo her father wants. A life that she must hide from even her closest friends and family.

**WARNING: This book has violence and emotional family drama.

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286 Pages

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