Mister Manhattan by Alexandria Sure

Autographed by Alexandria!

My Thursday afternoon meeting was a no show. Imagine my surprise when a drenched, flustered brunette slipped into the booth across from me, acting like she was supposed to be there. When she slipped back out with a snappy goodbye, I never thought I’d see her again. Until I walked into my Friday morning meeting. At first, I didn’t recognize her—she was dry this time. But from the look on her face, she recognized me. When she gave the worst pitch I’ve ever sat through, I thought my boss, and mentor, was going to show her the door—except he accepts the proposal and tells me we have to work together. I didn’t anticipate I would like her, let alone be interested in her. Sure, she was hot and sassy. But something about her rubbed me the wrong way. And yet I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

So, when she leaves the room and her phone chimes with a new text, I knew I wasn’t supposed to look. I also knew I wasn’t supposed to cancel her date for later that evening. And I definitely knew I wasn’t supposed to delete the entire exchange, so she had no idea what I’d done. But I did. And then I showed up at the restaurant, pretending like this was all a big coincidence. When the date is over, I want more. I need more. We start pretend-dating because she needs practice, and I tell myself, New York’s most eligible billionaire bachelor, that this is just a bit of fun. What could possibly go wrong?

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276 Pages - Multicultural / Billionaire Romance

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