MissingHart, #5 by Ella Fox

Autographed by the Ella!

My life has been built on a mountain of secrets, lies and half truths. For a long time I wasn't able to let anyone get close to me. But then I met my Prince Charming. The man who saved me from myself, who showed me what true love was. If only I'd been honest. If only I'd been stronger. If only I could forget. I've missed him every single day for four years, and nobody who means anything to me even knows he existed in my world. Now the part of my life that I've kept secret has collided head on with the life I built to survive the destruction of my heart. He's back- and this time, we can't avoid each other. The love story of Dominique Hart and Dillon Cooper has never been easy, but that doesn't make it any less real. Not everyone has an easy journey on the way to love, but sometimes, that makes getting there that much more meaningful.

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260 Pages

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