Mending Heartstrings, #2 by Felicia Lynn

Autographed by Felicia!

Just when my life seemed manageable, I'm thrown radically off course by the one.
The one I wasn't expecting.
The one I never knew I wanted.
The one who single handedly holds the key to the tattered lock safeguarding my heart. Letting someone into my protected sanctuary will only serve one purpose - intentional infliction of pain and heartache and I'm positive I'm not capable of handling that.

New Rules:
1. Avoid LOVE at all costs.
2. No complications.
3. I will not become dick'matized by the hotshot guitarist. It was only a no-strings attached weekend.
4. The lyrics he writes may seem magical, but it's a facade. Lyrics can't mend broken heartstrings no matter how strong my heart swells with his words.

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