Make Me Hunger by Tiffany Roberts

Autographed by Tiffany!

A DEMON WITH A SILKEN TONGUE €¦ His village burned and people scattered, Baltherus's dominance over the island has come to an end. All seems lost until a group of Justicars arrives with a violet-eyed elf who presents both a rare opportunity and an irresistible temptation. A WOMAN HE COULDN'T CONTROL... Born of mixed blood, Amnestria Sylmae has spent her entire life trying to overcome her mother's shame. After being taken into the High Mage's confidence, she finally has a chance to prove her worth. But she never anticipated the emotion that awakens in her when she catches the eye of a demon. AN ISLAND MADE PRISON FOR THE UNFORGIVEN €¦ After more than a century of banishment, Baltherus knows Amnestria is his only means of escape. With time working against him, he'll have to betray his soul's other half to claim his freedom €” if she can be persuaded to see past her preconceptions and submit to him.

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